Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why do we have to go to school if it's summer?

My kids are very confused.

They don't understand why they are still in school when it is ninety degrees outside. They can't comprehend that learning their lessons is more important than swimming in Lake Michigan.

Excuse me? Did you say swimming?

You heard me right. Yesterday my kids were swimming in Lake Michigan. Swimming in the big lake on May 24th. I don't recall ever in my almost 39 years swimming in Lake Michigan in May. I remember one year over Memorial Day weekend my cousins and I swam in Muskegon Lake - but even that seemed early and it was probably freezing cold - but we were kids so the warmth factor doesn't matter too much.

We are in the midst of a heat wave right now. High eighties with ninety degree heat indexes. It is warmer outside right now than it is in late August. I don't know how long it is predicted to last, but we are sucking the marrow out of it!

Spencer is a water bug - he was so happy to be back in the lake.

Hailey claimed the sun was too shiny on her eyes. She quickly commandeered my shades.

Hailey doing dances and yoga poses on the beach.

Looking at this picture, I can just smell the sunblock on her sandy little body.

Evan has come along way in his swimming abilities.

I love this picture of Spencer. I think that someone else has found their "strength".

The two handsomest boys in the world.

Once again the lake was like glass. I love how in this picture it is totally smooth except for the rings around Evan.

I love this picture of Hailey dancing down the beach. It was very hazy but if you look really closely just above her head you can see the lighthouse in the distance.

The beach was awesome, but it was stifling hot. Without a breath of wind, we could only take it down there for so long. So what do you do when it is still unbearably hot outside?

You wash all of your sand off in the sprinkler!

Don't worry boys, school will be over soon and summer will be here before you know it. Lets hope it stays warm out and doesn't revert back to the normal " it's early June but feels like April" weather.


dr said...

Oooh. I am so envious. There is no escape from the heat in this inland locale. How I long for the big lake. I hope it is still beautiful when we come to visit this weekend. Mira and Laine will bring their swimsuits. :-) Can't wait!
By the way - great photos. Love the new camera.

jensenbo said...

I LOVE all your photos on this post and Lake Michigan looks so inviting (I hear it's around 65 degrees) ---- since it is still stifling out. Me thinks you are going to love your new camera!!
PS. Da --- bring your suit too ---- we'll hike down to the beach and take a dip!!