Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Peanuts and cauliflower

Evan and I set out last night in the calm before the storm to the paint your own pottery studio in the mall. I have wanted to make a cookie plate for Santa Claus with the names of the kids on it for a long time. Evan will sit and paint all day long if I let him so he was the perfect date to accompany me.

We invited Spencer to join us but he was afraid that we would not be home in time to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special that was going to be on at eight o' clock. TV is very important to Spencer. Can anyone guess what one of his New Year's resolutions is going to be? While we were painting Evan commented to me that Spencer was missing out on all the fun. I told him that he had the chance to come, but he wanted to watch TV instead.

Evan: All he ever wants to do is watch TV! Plus did I ever tell you Mom that we got to watch Charlie Brown at school one time?

Mom: What Charlie Brown did you get to watch?

Evan: Around Thanksgiving time. You know, the one where they are riding on the Cauliflower?

Mom: You mean the Mayflower?

Evan: Oh right! The Mayflower! I keep getting those mixed up!

We drove the Subaru to the mall because it handles much better than the van in the slush and ice. I told Evan when we parked to remind me when we came out which car we had so we weren't scouring the parking lot for a van that was at home in the garage. True to his task, as we walked out he reminded me.

Evan: Mom! Don't forget that we drove the Subaru here!

Mom: Thanks Ev! You have a good memory.

Evan: That's because my brain is big.

Mom: Your brain is VERY big!

Evan: And Mom?

Mom: What honey?

Evan: My hair is smart too!

That kid of mine just cracks me up! As far as the storm...they did have a snow day today but it was sort of a bummer. We couldn't just hang out and chill. We had to have all three kids to the doctor for flu shot boosters at 8:30 and Evan had a dentist appointment at 1:00. The forecasters are predicting that round two is going to hit tonight and most likely school will be closed tomorrow as well. I am really hoping so because I have a lot to get done around here that is much more doable if I have another person to help with entertainment of the masses.

And Trent is a master entertainer.

And he also brought me home "Eclipse" from the library.

All of my tasks will head straight to the back burner once I start reading. Oh Edward! I can't tear myself away from you!


Brandi said...

His hair is smart! HAHA! I bet his hair is smart.

I love the plate. My parents own a pottery studio and we usually do a new plate every year... so, yes I have a cupboard full of painted plates. ;)

Oh. My. Goodness. You haven't read Eclipse yet?! It's SO good! I had to be put on a waiting list at the library, but I finally got my hands on all the books and I read them back-to-back until I was done. Happy reading!!!

jensenbo said...

Oh, Edward, --- what am I missing???? I love Ev and all he's does --- thank you for the great person he is!!!

Ev, I love that you are are really great artist and you get that from your Grampa's genes!