Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The festivities continue...

We attended our second Christmas program on Monday night - Spencer's multi-age show. They put on a little play called "A Snow White Christmas" sort of a fractured fairy tale of the original "Snow White" story. It was short and sweet and quite entertaining. The fifth graders have all the speaking parts while the first through fourth graders make up the chorus.

Spencer did very well with his "part". Thankfully, he remembered to use the bathroom this year before the show, since last year he was in agony the whole time. I only noticed him attempting to bite his nails a couple times - a hard habit to break as I know from personal experience. I was extremely proud of him.

Each year they finish the program by singing "Let there be peace on Earth" and calling up the former multi-age "graduates" to the stage to sing along. They also sign the song while they sing. For some reason I find myself getting choked up every year during that part of the show. It is just so cool to see these big kids walking up to the stage, hugging their former teachers and singing and signing a song that they learned so many years ago. It was like I could see into the future with Hailey standing on the risers as her big brothers sat on the stage in front of her.

For the time that it takes them to sing the song, everything seems right with the world. You leave the auditorium thinking that maybe all of those sweet voices singing in unison really did make some sort of difference.

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jensenbo said...

Oh, Spence --- you are such a cutie. And I loved your Christmas program --- you did great!!