Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All I want for Christmas is....

....a nanny, a live in housekeeper, a personal shopper and a decorator. That's not too much to ask is it?

I think I am finally finished putting up all of the Christmas decor. I don't know what it is this year. I feel like I am so behind already. I think it has to do with Thanksgiving falling so late in the month. We usually have everything all festive around here after that long weekend. I changed some stuff around, so that is taking a lot of time. Things that I usually plop in the same spot year after year are getting a new home for the first time. I like how it is turning out, it just takes a lot more thinking and figuring.

I have been on the computer most of the day doing some Christmas shopping. I feel like I am way behind on that too. I don't know why. I don't think I am. In fact, we had our "Christmas" with my sister and her family over the holiday weekend since they won't be coming to town for "real Christmas" (as my kid's say). I am kind of at a loss as to what to get the kids this year. They are not really asking for anything much (which is good!), I would love to find something to WOW them, but am not finding anything that ignites that in me at all. Plus I need to watch our money so that Trent can buy me the new camera that I really want for Christmas this year! Ha! (I feel like I am cheating on my camera by writing that last sentence - seriously - I love you, you do a terrific job - I am really just jonesin' for an upgrade. I will still keep you around for the day to day fun stuff around here...I promise!)

That is the haps around here. So much going on. So much to write about. I just don't know where to begin. This is the time of year that this little blog of mine seems to always get pushed to the bottom of the list. I just realized the other day that many of my "projects" that I wanted to complete this year have still not been done. Updating my picture frames. Hanging frames on our basement landing. Creating and printing out my blog book for the past couple of years. (Has anyone found a site where you can print a blog book in the basic column form that the blog naturally has? I really don't feel like messing with formatting for almost 300 posts. Any ideas would be SO helpful!)

We brought the kids to see Santa on Monday. I am a big fan of going a few days before Thanksgiving because there is NO line whatsoever. We just didn't have time this year. The line on Monday wasn't bad at all. Just a few people in front of us. Spencer told me that he didn't want to go and see Santa. My stomach just fell because I thought for sure that he was going to tell me things that I am not ready to hear out of my baby boy's mouth. When I asked him why he didn't want to, he said because he didn't know what he wanted to ask him for. Whew!
He wound up asking him for LEGOS. Hailey told him she wanted a baby doll and Evan told him he wanted some balloons and a squirt gun. Squirt gun. He has been talking about a squirt gun and how that is what he wants for a long time now. Sadly, not long enough ago that I could have hit the summer clearance sales and got a sweet deal on some huge water blaster. Hello? Amazon? Do you have an out of season toy section? He is going to be one bummed kid opening that water gun on Christmas morning and realizing that if he shoots it outside his fire stream will freeze in mid air. That kid is a true individualist.

The Santa trip was nice. No tears. Pretty good smiles. A quick trip into the candy store. And their favorite part was dropping coins into the Salvation Army guy's bucket.

When we got home we got them all into their jammies (except for Spence who insists he is too hot at night and sleeps in his unders) and let them cuddle on the couch and watch the Grinch. After the Grinch had decimated Whoville and stood on the top of Mt. Crumpet listening for the Who's cries of sorrow, I asked the kids what the Who's were going to do without their feast and their presents. They all looked at me and Spencer said "Mom, Christmas isn't about the presents that you get. The most important part about Christmas is that Jesus was born! That is why they are not sad!"
I guess they listen more than I think they do. They are the best gifts that I could ever imagine. I don't need the nanny, the housekeeper, the shopper or the decorator. Just this cozy, festive, warm house full of the family that I love with all my heart!
The camera would be nice though....

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Brandi said...

Um... can I have the nanny, housekeeper, personal shopper, and decorator then? HAHAHA!

Sounds like you have been super busy. The tree looks great! That is a cute Santa the kiddos had their picture made with too!

My boys are ALWAYS in their underwear. I can't keep clothes on them. :)

I've heard about turning your blog into a book. I think that's so cool. I really want to do that when I hit the 1 year mark.