Friday, December 18, 2009

...and Santa is his name-oh!

Guess who had his first Christmas program at school last night?

He was just a little bit excited about it! He walked around the house practicing his songs and "word parts" for weeks.

He did a great job! He was very "into" the whole program and was extremely animated during the parts that he should have been. He had a bit of an issue with his Santa mask. Whoever stapled it together must have measured his head wrong because it kept slipping down and he had to keep tilting his head back to keep it on.

When it came to the "free" dancing part of the show, my boy was unstoppable. My poor slow camera couldn't even keep up with his moves.

At the end of the program the teacher told all the kids to smile at the mom's and dad's so that they could take a picture. I love how Evan is looking right at me. He knew exactly where his mommy's camera was. (He is in the top row - fifth from the right - see the miniature head right there?)

These pictures are not edited at all. I shouldn't even be taking time to do this post. We are having around fifty people at our house tomorrow night for a party. We are also helping with a children's party tomorrow morning at the Viking's club. One week from today we are having another thirty people over for a family Christmas party. Throw in all the school activities and shopping and food prep and wrapping....bite off more than you can chew much?

Back to work. I have to scrapbook all the party pictures from last year so that people can look at them. The saddest part is that I hadn't even ordered the prints until earlier this week. LAST YEARS party. I am getting stressed out just thinking about it. I so badly just want to sit on the couch and watch a movie and just take a minute to smell the Christmas tree instead of constantly running by it at a frenzied pace.


dr said...

Great photos and post. Evan is so cute, and I imagine he was so into the program. Wish we could have see it. Mark and I were lamenting this morning that we didn't have a "Christmas Pageant" to attend this weekend. Then we decided that that terminology probably has not been used since the 1960s. Anyway, thanks for the post. It is great to see Evan's enthusiasm for all he does.

jensenbo said...

"S-A-N-T-A and Santa is his name-oh!!" Love the take-off on B-I-N-G-O song & I loved the Christmas program, Evan's first --- Evan was a hoot to watch ---- so cute!! (I see where he has his eye on you for the camera. :))

PS. See cousin Mattie in the first row with blue shirt and green herringbone vest. He was fun to watch too!!

What a JOY!!

Brandi said...

50 people over for a party?! Yikes! :) The Christmas program pics are adorable!

Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas! :)