Saturday, November 21, 2009

The visitors

We have had these little guys at our house on and off this past week. Trent told me that they needed a cat to play the part of Dinah in Alice in Wonderland. He wondered if I thought Dickens would like to go back to the stage. I told him that he should contact the lady that he got Dickens from and ask her if she had other cats that needed homes and maybe the exposure would get them adopted. He thought the idea was inspired.

I was mentally preparing for the addition of another cat to our family. I thought once the kids and Dickens had a new little kitten in their midst there would be no hope for them. I had been wondering for a while if Dickens would be happy with a friend to hang out with when we are not here. It is a slippery slope though because you go from having a cat to having cats. As I have said many times before - I am not an animal person. I have grown to care for Dickens, and it is a good thing because most of the time I am the only one who seems to care for him - his needs at least.

The two cat family doesn't seem like it is meant to be. At least not at this time. Dickens did not like having Cuddles and Meatballs in his house AT ALL! I have never heard him growl or hiss before, but he was very vocal and angry around those kittens. And by the way, if we did acquire one of those kittens it's name would be changed before I poured it's first bowl of kibble. I realize that we just sort of threw them together with no planning whatsoever. I know that there is a "protocol" that is necessary to introduce an animal into a home where another animal already resides. We didn't really follow the rules because we realized it was most likely not a permanent situation.

As much as Dickens despised those kittens, our kids LOVED them. They got plenty of cuddle and play time with Dickens locked safely away in another room. I hear that they both have potential owners, which is a great thing. Two more little kittens off the street and into good homes. If they were going back to the shelter it would make me feel bad. They were pretty cute. And I have always liked black cats.....


fisher said...

OOOh, you had me there, for a minute! I thought you were going to have 2 more cats!! Glad to hear they are going to have nice homes, and funny that Dickey didn't like them!

jensenbo said...

The two little kitties are so cute and did so well in the play. Wonder why Dickins doesn't like them. We'll have to ask Di or Katie, the cat experts. :)

Brandi said...

You are so right... going from a 'cat' to 'having cats' LOL! I made the mistake of going from a 'dog' to 'having dogs'. What was I thinking?

Wonderful idea to help the kitties get adopted, though. ;)

And just drop whatever you're doing and go NOW to see New Moon! It was fantastic (even hubby liked it)! :)