Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glitter therapy

I excel at wasting time.

And my accomplice - this screen that I sit in front of for minutes upon hours of time each day - does not help the matter. I could sit here for days and read blogs and surf Facebook-don't-talk-about-Facebook until the chair forms the shape of my behind. I am not proud of it. I am just being honest.

I have a lot to do. Much to accomplish. And I am not getting very far in my tasks. I am starting to feel very overwhelmed and very overextended and I don't like the way that feels. In church on Sunday, our Pastor began his sermon by talking about the very thing I am feeling. How life gets so unbelievably busy and you just keep going. And while you are so focused on what has to be done and how to make it happen, you lose sight of why you are even doing it. Who you are doing it for. And you just wait for survival mode to kick in.

Eventually you realize that something has to change. Something has to give. Unfortunately and too often, what "gives" is something that shouldn't. I don't want to get to that point.

Things are extremely busy around here these days. Trent is in full blown play mode. The holidays and the craziness that surrounds them has suddenly started to kick in. The normal day to day stuff that has to be done just seems to be building at a frenzied pace. I feel like I am so behind on so much. Something has to give. We need to find a way to re-prioritize.

I know the months of November and December are always insanely busy. There is so much planning, cooking, shopping and partying to do. I love this time of year and I enjoy all the hubbub and the celebrating that goes along with it. I just really want to make a point to slow down just a little. To cuddle with the kids and read books. To get out the board games and play with them. To just sit on the couch and look at the Christmas tree. To find time to work on crafts with them. To make them realize how incredible they are and how much they are loved.

So yesterday, even though many tasks were looming, Evan and I did a little project. The weather has been gorgeous so we were able to sit outside and bask in the sun while we worked on it.

We took these pumpkins that Gramma got for us in the clearance aisle.

We sprayed them with adhesive and put them in a bag with some glitter. Evan was the official bag shaker. He took his job very seriously and ran all over the yard twice to make sure they were completely "shooked"!

After they came out of the bag, they looked like this. B-E-A-utiful! Evan made his dog Laddie the "watcher" and also made him a blanket out of leaves.

Evan with the finished pumpkins!

This picture does not really show how awesome they look in their jar.

A very fun and festive time waster! Now I am off to get some chores done around here. That is until something else distracts me from my task!


fisher said...

Beautiful blog, because it is sooo the truth, and they look awesome!!!! Great job Evie!!

Brandi said...

The pumpkins look great! We practiced making 'Santa' cookies last night... I wish you could do that outside. I'm still cleaning up the kitchen this morning! ;)

jensenbo said...

Like you wrote --- your children are so much more important than chores!! It was time well spent working on your pumpkin-craft project with Ev!! They turned out beautiful.