Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock n' roll...

The weather during this first half of November has really made up for the fact that basically the whole month of October was atrocious. We have been taking advantage of the mild temperatures as often as we can. Yesterday Evan decided that a little game of bowling was in order. I ran inside to put some things away and when I came back out this is what I saw.

I know that one is a little hard to read so I helped you out a bit in the next photo.

He tends to struggle a bit with sounding words out and stretching them. I was happy to see that he had made a "mom" line. He has spelled out "mom" many times before so I wasn't too surprised at that. Then he had an "evan" line. Also not a huge leap since he has been writing his own name for over a year now. What floored me was the "hailey" line. I know that he did not spell her name correctly, but how he spelled it is exactly how he says it. He has a bit of trouble with his "L" sounds so he calls her Hay-Wee. He streched it though. And he even got the "Y" right!

Once the lines are's time to bowl!


jensenbo said...

Very cute. He's smarter than you think, right???

fisher said...

That is SO cute! Love that he wrote it like it sounded!!