Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swine of the times.

Spencer went to the doctor yesterday for his eight year old well check. He has been eight since the end of July, but that is another story. Anyhoo....I have been trying since school started to get the kids into the pediatricians office to get their flu shots. My attempts have been futile - I was told time after time that they didn't have any of their shipment yet OR they had received some, but had just run out OR they were not even compiling a waiting list because they had no idea when any of their vaccines would arrive. Call back in two weeks. Call back at the beginning of next week. Call back in early November. Seriously frustrating when all you hear and read is about how bad the flu season is already and children who are the most at risk to get ill - CAN'T GET THEIR SHOTS!

A couple of weeks ago, I took Evan out of school a half hour early in a desperate attempt to get him and Hailey the seasonal flu shot at a local clinic. We were successful in getting Evan vaccinated! And he never even shed a tear! I was so proud of my brave kid. The nurses were stunned I think. He did so well! When it was time for Hailey's poke, my happiness started to deflate. They wouldn't give her the shot because she was under three years old. Even though she has had the shot before. Even though she will be three in January. Even though I promised I wouldn't tell anyone. I have never been so bummed to have someone hand me thirty dollars back.

The day before Spencer's appointment, I called the doctor's office yet again and told them that I was bringing my son in for a well check and I just wondered if while we were there if he would be able to get either of the vaccinations. The phone nurse told me that he could get the H1N1 nasal mist, but she would have to put him on a waiting list for the seasonal flu shot. I told her to add Hailey's name to the waiting list as well and I asked her if I brought my other kids to the appointment with me, if they could have the H1N1 mist. She told me they could, so Evan was leaving school early once again.

So yesterday morning we headed to the doctor's office armed with hand sanitizer and a bag full of our toys from home. I told the kids on the way there that they were forbidden to touch any of the toys or books in the waiting room and they should try to avoid touching the arms of the chairs as much as possible. They were extremely great about it for close to twenty minutes. Unfortunately our wait went on for another forty minutes or so. I am sure the other parents in the waiting room got tired of hearing me hiss "Please don't touch that!" "Get your Barbie off the floor!" "Get your BODY off the floor!" Finally after what seemed like an eternity, we were called back into the examination room.

The nurse was ready with the flu mist for all three. The boys were a little nervous, yet curious about this "shot" that was going to be squirted up their noses. Spencer went first and did fine. Evan followed his brother's lead and had no problems. I had to hold Hailey's arms down and she cried pretty hard but I guess that is to be expected from a two year old. The nurse asked me if they had received their seasonal flu shots yet. I told her that Evan had (at the clinic) but the other two were now on the waiting list. She then replied "I can get those out of the way for you today if you want?" I don't think I could form words at that point, what with my jaw being on the floor of the examination room and all. Despite Spencer's pleading eyes and head shaking no, I told her that would be wonderful. Spencer got his poke and was fine. His eyes didn't even start to water. That was a welcome change after the spectacle of last year's flu shot. Hailey cried of course, but only until I could dig a piece of candy out of my purse, then she was fine.

So....Yea! My kids are now completely vaccinated against the horribleness of the seasonal flu and the swine. It just irritates me that it took so long to get to this point. And what is with having to be on a waiting list one day and being able to get the shot without even asking for it the next? I feel for those that are still waiting. So frustrating!


kj said...

Keep up the hygene for another 2-3 weeks until the full immunity kicks in! Horray Klairters

jules said...

Your lucky you got them all in. We did the mist for seasonal and have to wait for actual H1N1 shots, as it has not been 4 weeks since their mists. Stupid rule. I guess you can't do mists 4 weeks apart and our pediatrician keeps getting the H1N1 mist. So, we are waiting...

jensenbo said...

So glad the kiddies got their flu shots!! Hope they stay well!!

Cute post!!