Thursday, August 20, 2009


This afternoon Evan went to his first birthday party for a friend without us and more importantly without Spencer. Since the birthday boy is a neighborhood kid that Spencer spends just as much time as Evan with, Spencer was a bit bummed that he didn't get to go. Actually totally bummed. I mean a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese - where a kid can be a kid - we are lucky he didn't curl up into the fetal position and cry his eyes out.

Evan on the other hand felt like he was Mr. Big Stuff. Going somewhere cool that his big brother didn't get to go - what could be better?

After Evan got home I heard him walk into the computer room to talk to Spencer.

Spencer (not bitter and genuinely interested): Hey Evan! How was the party?

Evan: So fun! I wish you would have been there.

Awww.....I love when I see (or hear) things like this that make me think that they are becoming best friends.

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jensenbo said...

Very Sweet!! Both are dolls!!