Monday, August 17, 2009


...I don't want to forget how you discovered Amelia Bedelia books this summer and could read them nonstop.

...I want to remember how you call them "Medelia Medelia" books and always tell me while we are reading what she really should be doing instead of the goofy thing that she is doing. told me there were a lot of pictures of Hailey on this blog and not of you.

...I can't resist the photo opportunity of a boy and a popsicle.

...I am determined to get a picture of you in full out laugh mode. You have the greatest happy look on your face when you laugh and for some reason, I cannot get it on camera no matter how hard I try! And that laugh - it is seriously one of the best sounds in the world! never seem to know where your shoes are and most of the time you put your clothes on backwards when you get yourself dressed.

...when you wear your favorite mismatched dinosaur socks pulled almost up to your knees it drives Daddy insane. And for some reason just makes me laugh. say the sweetest things when you go to bed at night. "I love you to everything I know...all the stars...all the planets and back again." You often tell us to "have a happy night!" as you are walking back up the stairs with your cup of water that you just realized you had to have. And you always want your "trucky" light on and your door open "this much" - (visualize me pinching my fingers together about an inch and a half).

...I can't believe that my baby boy is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks.

...I love you more than you can ever imagine!


jensenbo said...

And I love him tons too. What a great little post about sweet little Voo. He is such a cutie ---and I love spending alone time with him because.....

dr said...

I agree. Great post, and Evan is such a wonderful kid. I love his laugh and had so much fun telling stories with him by the campfire on the deck.