Friday, January 6, 2017

Random new year thoughts.

You know what stinks more than having to take down the Christmas decorations in your house? Having your house half decorated for Christmas and half not for a week.

I am flat out exhausted and it is taking me sweet forever to get this house back into any kind of normal shape after the holidays.  I could blame it on the tooth infection that I am currently rocking that is forcing me to be on antibiotics that seem to be knocking me for a loop.  Mostly it is because I am totally obsessive about how things need to be put away and find it easier to do myself than ask for anyone to help with it.

We have the first week back at school just about finished.  Hopefully we will all get a lot of relaxing time this weekend to recharge for the next full week.

One of my goals for the new year is to try to get on here and write more.  I was really bad about it over the fall, mostly because we were having computer problems and I couldn't load photos from my phone onto the computer.  When your phone is your go to camera and you can't move photos without emailing them one by one - it sort of makes you not feel like loading many pictures.  Now we have a new computer and I have a new phone so I should not have any excuses to get on here and write and preserve some memories.  Our family's favorite music right now is the Hamilton Soundtrack.  We are all obsessed with it.  One of the themes that runs through the show is "who tells your story?"  and how sometimes we don't have control over who does.  I have committed this year to telling our story.  For sure not every part of it - as the kids get older a lot of what happens becomes their stories and I don't feel like it's my right to write about struggles or situations they get themselves into.  These years that are flying by are so precious and when I look back through the blog or old journals I can't get enough of the memories and am so grateful about the things that I have recorded on paper.  So I will try harder this year.

Now it's time to see if I can finish packing up Christmas....

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