Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Monday moments...the first of 2017!

Happy 2017!  I know a lot of people who were wishing good riddance to 2016 but my family had a pretty good year and we are looking forward to an even better 2017.   Change is inevitable and all we can do is be positive and pray that more good days than bad are in front of us. 

The first day of 2017 was unseasonably warm so we took a walk down to the beach.  Now that Christmas is over, the sunshine and warmth can not get here soon enough for me.

We finished puz puz over break.  This has become one of our favorite traditions.  This one is getting modge podged and put up in Trent's classroom.

Back to school and it didn't take long for Hailey to earn a Spirit Stick.  It was funny to me that it said I love cats and she was wearing cat leggings and a cat shirt. 

Hailey's teacher (who also taught both her brothers) has always been a huge Steelers fan.  He was so excited that they made the playoffs he had last Friday dubbed Steelers day.  He told the kids he had enough jerseys at home they all could wear one if they wanted.  Hailey was so excited for this day she didn't even perform her nightly snow day ritual.  

When I saw her teacher in the hall and told him "Happy Steelers Day!"  He told me he had given Hailey first pick of the jerseys because she was so into it and she picked the twin one to his.  So cute!  When I snuck into lunch to take this picture she told me "Mom!  I'm Antonio Brown - just like Mr. Osborne!"  

Saturday night we went to dinner at Red Robin to have an early celebration for this little lady's birthday.

After dinner she got to open some gifts.  Grama has bought her one of these dolls since she was one year old.

She got the game Googely Eyes - which was a big hit.

It is hard for me to believe that my BABY is ten!

On Sunday we woke up to some fresh snow and temperatures that were not below zero.  It seriously felt like a heat wave! 

Silly girl messing around with a pair of my "cheaters".

All three kids got these super soft blankets from Grampa Dan for Christmas.  I swear when they are home they have them all the time.

Fooling around with phone selfies while watching some of the Golden Globes.  Can you tell we were kind of bored?  That's what happens when you don't know or have never heard of the shows or movies nominated.  I guess I don't know if that is good or bad that we don't watch that much TV.  Or maybe we just don't watch good TV?

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