Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Busy start to our weekend!

We have a few super busy weekends coming up the next few weeks and this week was the start of it.  Friday night Trent had rehearsal, Spencer had a school dance and the two little kids and I went to their school for the PTO sponsored movie night.  It was the first time for this kind of event and it was a huge success.  The kids had a ball coming to school at night in their pajamas - I think Evan pretty much brought his whole bedroom with him.

Saturday morning Evan had practice for DI and Spencer's cross country coach had arranged a special screening of McFarland, USA for whoever wanted to attend.  Luckily one of his friends called asking if he needed a ride so that saved us one trip to the theatre and back.  I picked up Evan from DI practice at noon and we raced across town to his Blue and Gold banquet where Daddy and Hailey were hopefully saving us seats.

Evan received his Arrow of Light which is the highest rank a Cub Scout can get and then he officially crossed over to Boy Scouts.

Spencer got to tie on his new Boy Scout neckerchief for him.  Spencer had been dropped off from the movie just in time for the ceremony.  I had his uniform but he claimed he didn't need it - if I had known he would be such a big part of the ceremony I would have forced him!

PS - when we got home I got out the scissors and cut both of their hair.  My shaggy boys!

These three boys have known each other since they were in three year old preschool together. 

After our crazy morning of running around, I felt like we needed some fresh air or just to be outside for a bit.  It was still pretty cold, but the sun was shining.  I asked the kids if they wanted to walk to the beach to see the icebergs and they were all about it.

They are very cautious about walking out on the ice at all - which I am thrilled about.  In fact, when we were leaving we saw a couple people walking WAY out on the ice shelf.  Evan commented to me that the people were being stupid because it was very dangerous to be out there.  He even wondered if we should wait for them to get back to shore in case we had to call 911 to rescue them.  I love that they respect the power of the lake.

They played in the "puddle" for about 20 minutes.  Hailey's gloves and the bottom of her snowpants were soaked and then immediately froze.  Why not wade in the water on the last day of February?  These kids are Michigan tough!

On Sunday we were able to hang around the house and get some stuff done.  Now in a few days we get to start all over with more fun events!

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