Monday, February 9, 2015

A blast from the past

My mom has been doing some cleaning and purging at her house and while she was at it she found a couple of gems that she had saved for many moons.
I can remember the birthday like it was yesterday (I just don't remember how old I was - I think ten...) anyway...we were celebrating my birthday at Elks Park where we spent a lot of time in those days because my Grandparents kept their trailer in the campground.  I was opening my gifts in the trailer - on one of the back beds- and was surrounded by my sister and my cousins Rich and Kelly.   I am sure my mom was in there as well - probably taking pictures and not scrunched up on the mattress with the rest of us.  I opened my gifts and one of them was the Izod outfit that I had wanted desperately.
Here it is in all its former glory.  She is rockin' that thing!  I can't wait until summer because forget sexy - someone is gonna be bringing Izod back!

I just wish I knew what happened to the matching pullover windbreaker that went with it.  That thing was the bomb diggity!

As if my favorite childhood outfit was not enough for one day, later that afternoon Evan and Hailey sat for hours with scissors, tape and cardboard boxes and fashioned up their own little airplanes.  I couldn't help be reminded of my sister and I doing the same thing with our "funky chicken mobile". 

Childhood and memories are fun!

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