Saturday, March 14, 2015

The caves

Oh winter...while we do love all four of our seasons, we are glad to see you on your way out.  These photos were taken a couple weeks ago during our last bitterly cold spell.  
The Pere Marquette Ice Caves...I had such an ethical dilemma with this whole situation.   Every ounce of my brain was telling me how stupid it was to give into the latest hysteria and follow like lemmings into a situation that I have told my kids to avoid at all costs.  But there was another strong part of me that so badly wanted to see it - and the photographer in me was pleading that there might never be another chance like this. 
So we went.  I told the kids about my dilemma and how in any other circumstance this would never happen.  Evan was still not happy with me.  He told me in his own way that I was a hypocrite and wondered how I could preach one thing and do the opposite.  He had a strong, valid point and I told him that he was not being forced to go out on the lake and that if he didn't, he would most likely be the smartest of us all. 

Ultimately, when he saw where the caves were - not too far from the breakwall - he chose to join us.

It is amazing out there.  Beautiful but also so scary.

There were about fifty other people wandering around besides us so Evan quickly lost his fear and started to enjoy the formations and caves.  I have to admit that it still freaked me out a lot when the kids would go under or through something and I couldn't see them.  I was constantly on the verge of a panic attack.

Absolutely gorgeous.  I don't know if we will ever see anything like this again in our lives.  I know in my 43 years of living here, I have never heard or seen such a sight.

It was an amazing experience and so beautiful to see.  On the way out with the sun beams streaming behind him,  Evan is saying thanks to the Lord for us making it out together and safely. 

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dr said...

Beautiful! But I also have a little bit of a panic attack just looking at the photos. I would've been a nervous wreck out on that ice! :-)