Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A free fall Sunday

It seems that it is rare this time of year for us to have any free time - especially on the weekends.  When we found ourselves with a whole Sunday with nothing pressing to do, we were all overjoyed. 
The little kids started off the day painting the canvases that we purchased last weekend as a craft project.  I tried to get all Pinteresty and art teachery and told them to paint a fall scene so we could display it with our fall decor.
Evan painted a porcupine on a log over a river with a fall tree in the background.

Hailey couldn't think of anything to paint, so we looked on Pinterest until she found something that sparked her creativity.

She made a hand "tree" with fall leaves around it.

After her tree her creativity was unleashed and she wasn't ready to be done painting. So she found a piece of paper and went to work on her homage to Frozen.

It wasn't too chilly out so the whole fam headed to the back yard to try to get some of the leaves up before the snow falls (gulp) this week.  I grabbed the camera to get a couple of pictures of my babies in the leaves.

It was a relaxing, wonderful day - I wish we had more like it!

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