Thursday, January 30, 2014


We have had a very cold and snowy January.  Somewhere Mother Nature or Queen Elsa is really letting it go and shows no sign of stopping soon.  I don't mind the snow.  I am definitely a soul who appreciates living in an area where we can experience all four seasons.  I just don't like the snow when it is accompanied by below zero temperatures and wind chills.  

These pictures were all taken over the last week.  We got lots of snow.  It was freezing cold.  My kids had three days of school off in a row.  It all kind of blurs together. 

I love a dark blue sky in the wintertime.  

This picture is so random, but these are my feet in my Spencer's boots.  I just slipped them on to go out and shovel a little bit.  It just hit me while I was out there that I had a kid big enough to share shoes with.  Crazy.

Spencer eyeing our icicle display.  He wanted to knock it down so badly.  I told him he was not allowed for fear of getting a fallen icicle lodged in his cranium.

Belty shoveling the snow and loving the scarf. 

Do you notice anything different about her?  She lost her first top front tooth on Friday.   I can't get over that little gap toothed smile.

She is intense about throwing snowballs at her brothers.

Spencer tunneled through one of our high snowbanks. 

Three kids happy to be off school and in the snow. 

Spencer found a chunk of snow that looked like Africa.  

Evan had "snowflakes that stayed on his nose and eyelashes".....I couldn't really get the photo to do it justice.

Another time shoveling with Little Miss Tiny.  I swear she could stay out all day and never get cold.

We have a few more inches of snow predicted this evening and then more over the weekend.  I don't think a thaw is anywhere in our near future.  I have a feeling these snow hills will be around until the end of April.

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dr said...

Fun pics! We have tons of snow and you guys have more than we do. Glad they are enjoying it. It's been too cold here to even go out to play in it :-(