Sunday, January 5, 2014


Our new year has started out chilly.  Weather forecasters are calling for record or near record below zero wind chills over the next couple of days.

Evan and Hailey were going outside to shovel our neighbor's driveway the other night and I commented that they should wear scarves to keep themselves warmer.  They both told me they didn't want scarves because they didn't get that cold - only their faces.  I promised them that the scarves would help with that and they let me tie them around their heads - still a little skeptical.   After I had them all scarfed up Evan told me "I didn't know that scarves could go like this.  I thought they only tied around your neck.  That is why I didn't want to wear one."

They are now a scarf junkies.

The kids are waiting anxiously to see if their Christmas break will be extended tomorrow due to the weather. The funny thing is that the last time they had a snow day the day before Christmas break (the year Evan was in three year old preschool and I had handmade a dozen individual gingerbread houses to decorate - still bitter about that Mother Nature) they also had a snow day the day they were supposed to go back.  It seems like history may be repeating itself around here.  We shall see.  I have a feeling their will be three pairs of inside out pajamas and ice cubes in the toilet tonight.

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