Tuesday, February 4, 2014


My kids are growing up too fast.  It hit me like a ton of bricks last weekend when Hailey made pancakes all by herself.   She got out the griddle and all of the necessary ingredients.  (She has been daddy's right hand girl for years in the pancake making department so she knows her stuff!)

She had a couple of shout outs to Daddy about how much of a couple of the ingredients to use, but for the most part she had it down.  I love all the tiny "Barbie doll" or "mouse" pancakes she made along with the regular sized ones.

Maybe I could make pancakes at seven.  I really don't remember.  We used to do a lot of baking, so I am thinking I could probably whip up a sweet box cake at that age.

She even has the letter pancakes in her repertoire. 

I love that toothless grin.   And I love her. 

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dr said...

Wow - that is impressive, Hailey. When did she get so old? Those are some nice looking pancakes. Can't believe she did the letters, too. So cute.