Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two weeks later...

Go ahead and read the title like the voice over on Spongebob Squarepants.   The fact that I haven't posted anything in two weeks gives a major clue to what has been going on in our lives - nothing, yet complete craziness.  No major happenings just the normal frenzy of our everyday existence.  Throw into that mix the fact that I am hosting a small Thanksgiving gathering next week, I am completely stressed about how to take care of the mountains of leaves in our back yard and the days before Christmas are ticking away without me managing to get much accomplished.  

Last night the kids went back to the library for "dog read".  Since they were scheduled right after each other I figured we would use their down time to work on their homework.  It was pretty funny as they were both walking in with their back packs on their backs and Evan asked me "Are you allowed to bring back packs in the library?".  

I didn't get any pictures of Evan reading this time.  He was in a different area of the library reading to a dog named Ginger who was wearing a little dog dress.   It was pretty ironic that he got that dog and Hailey was assigned to read to Corey who was a giant German Shepard that was taller than she was.

I tried to peek in on her reading, but she was reading really quietly.  She told me afterward that she was a little shy but she still liked to do it. 

One more thing of note around here is how great Evan and Hailey have been getting along with each other.  We are truly in a season of peace with these two and their relationship.  I pray it continues.  I made a comment the other day about how much I loved seeing them play well together and that it was great how they were becoming best friends.  I expected that statement to be met with icks and gagging sounds, but they both just nodded.   Evan told me the other morning that he was saving up his money so that he could buy Hailey an Indian outfit for her American Girl doll.  How sweet is he?  I told him that they were very expensive and suggested that maybe he could help me sew her one.  He liked that idea too, but was not sure it would be fancy enough.  The one he has his eye on is full of beads and other embellishments. 

So for now we keep plugging away.  Getting things accomplished little by little.  I'm off to rake some leaves.  See you in two weeks....

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