Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A dog in the library

We love the library.  There is always a stack of books on the counter either waiting to be read or ready to be returned.  The ironic thing is when Trent and I lived in our apartment, we were about a block and a half from the library and we never used it.   I cringe at the amount of money we spent on hard cover books that had just been released because we didn't want to wait for them to make an appearance on the old shelves. 

I don't mind buying books.  Not if it is a book that you love and will read again and again, but to pay over ten dollars for the latest paperback novel and then have it take up space in your home only to maybe get a dollar for it at a yard sale a year later just seems so silly to us now.    Even with Spencer's Kindle, there is less clutter, but it still costs to purchase the books.  We utilize the library as much as we can.

The library also has a lot of events that as a childless couple living in an apartment I could see how we would not be the least bit interested.  But now, with three kids, any kind of free, educational experience is right up our alley.   Right before the school year started, Trent came home from a trip to the library with a flyer for all their upcoming events.   One of the events that stood out as something the kids would like was called "Bow Wow Readers" where kids could come to the library and read to dogs.  

I mentioned it in passing to Evan and Hailey and they were all about it.  Trent called to try to get them in that week, but they were filled for months.   The kids were bummed.   They really wanted to do the "dog read" as they called it and six weeks away seemed like forever. 

Finally, last night, the night of the "dog read" arrived.  The kids gobbled up their dinner in anticipation of getting to the library early.  They only had a spot for Evan to read, but Hailey was an alternate if someone didn't show up.  

Evan waiting for his turn to read.   Finally it was his turn.  He picked out some books about dogs because he thought Bailey the dog would like those the best.

Seriously, how cute is that? LOVE!

He loved his "dog read" experience and can't wait to go back in two weeks.  Hailey and Evan are both signed up for next time.  The librarian asked me if she could take some photos of Evan reading and use them on the Facebook page.  Luckily my kids are pretty used to being in front on the camera!

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