Friday, November 1, 2013

Picture heavy Halloween post...

I figure I better post these now and just do them altogether or heaven knows when I will ever get around to it.  We carved our pumpkins a few days before Halloween.  All three kids still love to do it.  I know these years are fleeting - so we do up the holiday festivities while these kiddos of ours are still into it.  

Hailey wanted hers to look like a kitty and Mommy helped her with it.

Spencer carved his all on his own and then quickly turned our pumpkin carving party into a dance party with "What does the fox say?" on repeat.

The kids pose with their spooky jack o' lanterns.

I love how when the kids saw me snapping pictures they immediately grabbed their itouchs to do the same.  Hailey, never wanting to be left out, quickly rounded up her Barbie camera.  Oh these times they are a changin'. 

The best part of Halloween hands down?  The costumes!  I came up with the idea for Spencer's (after many other GREAT ideas that he didn't want to do - maybe next year....).  He is carrying on the family Clark Kent/Superman tradition.  I wish I wasn't so lazy.  I would go dig out the pictures of Trent dressed as Clark Kent and the ones of Spencer's first Halloween as Superman.  Maybe I will be inspired later this weekend.

He fit the look to a T.  Trent found him a sold blue hat after these pictures were taken that looked even better.

The always creative Evan scoured Pinterest and told me that he wanted to be a Pharaoh.  My sewing is beginner at best so I knew it would be a big undertaking.  Since he chose what he wanted to be so early on, I was able to find a Pharaoh costume on eBay that was quite cheap - the only issue being it was a size six.  Figuring he is small and I could do some tweaking, I got it and tweak I did.  My big score was to find those gold lame pants at the thrift store.  They totally made the outfit.  We made the golden staff - that was his favorite part.

Oh Hailey!  How much do I love her bike chic costume?  She was owning it too!  Her current favorite movie is Teen Beach Movie which is sort of a West Side Story knock off of bikers versus surfers.  When I dug her brother's old Harley jacket out of the closet her dreams of being a biker were made a reality. 

She looks about seventeen in these photos.  Speaking of photos, I am once again so glad I did the pre-Halloween costume try on photo shoots.  Yesterday was miserable - any pictures I took were horrendous.

Ready to trick or treat in the pouring rain!  At least it was fairly warm and not too windy.

It was a fun night and Halloween season.  Evan commented to me last night that it seems like waiting for Halloween to get there took so long and then it was the night and then it was all over like a blink.  I told him that is why we have to enjoy all the time up until Halloween.  The actual day is fun, but it is only one part of it - that is why we have to do our best to enjoy everyday.  In reality it all goes by in a blink - I didn't tell him that because most likely he wouldn't believe me.  That is just something that as you get older and time seems to go by faster and faster, you have to learn for yourself.  

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