Monday, September 16, 2013

Irish for the day

Trent has students that work the Irish Music Festival and one of the perks of that is he gets a couple of free passes so that he can check in on those students.   Saturday afternoon when we got home from watching Hailey cheer at the football game, we headed down there to check things out.  Evan was attending a birthday sleepover so it was just four of us. 

Hailey was quick to scope out the Wee Ones area and went right to work on decorating a bowler hat and making a magical shamrock wand.  Her brother ran in a infinite circle through the inflatable obstacle course and back in line to run it again.   It wasn't long after completing her crafts that she joined him. 

This guy was the statue man.  He would sit there looking every bit the part and then spontaneously break into Irish songs.  While we were watching him, he saw Hailey and broke out of statue mode and came over and started to serenade her with a song about a pretty little Irish lass.  She was delighted and embarrassed at the same time.  By the time I had the thought to dig out my phone and record it, he had started to move on in the crowd.

The kids shared some potato soup.   They thought it was the best thing they have ever eaten.

Spencer thought it was pretty cool to flaunt his "crew" status.  Hailey liked the perks of being able to get a free can of pop.

It is hard to tell on my phone, but the Instagram filter I tend to use seems to always make Spencer look like he has lipstick on.

It was a beautiful night.  As the sun went down it started to get a bit chilly and we decided it was time to head for home.

There is just something about this festival that makes it great.  I don't know how to describe it.  There are lots of people there, but it just feels really laid back for some reason.  Like you could just sit down on a blanket and hang out there all night.  I don't particularly like Irish food or Irish music, but I really like this event - weird right?

We will be back again next year for sure.

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