Wednesday, September 4, 2013

After the second day of school...

Spencer came home from school and could not stop talking about how good the sandwich that he ate at lunch was.  He said he had to wait in line for about fifteen minutes but it was SO worth it.  Apparently they have some sort of "build your own sandwich" type of line as one of the choices.  He can't wait to re- create it tomorrow - except maybe not on flat bread.

Evan came home from school and informed me that he was going to read ten books tonight.  I asked him why such a lofty goal and he said he just wanted to get a good start on the amount of points they earn by reading outside of class.  If you read a certain amount you can earn prizes - the top prize being the teacher running out of school to get you the lunch of your choice. 

Hailey came home from school and immediately started digging for snacks and then sat with a giant box over her head and watched "Austin and Ally" on the ipad.  

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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dr said...

That is some funny stuff. Cracking up at all three of those crazy kids. Especially Spencer's sandwich. Better than bbq chips and an ice cream sandwich, right?