Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Craft #2

I had much better luck getting the kids into our second spring break craft. Well, two of the kids were into it. Spencer decided that he would rather create things with his LEGOS.

This one was super easy, but kind of messy. A total kid kind of craft - kids (at least my kids) love messy.

We soaked strips of cut yarn in a glue with a little bit of water solution and then placed them around a bowl covered in saran wrap.

Gluey hands. Yes, Evan does have his pajamas on. He was still in sick mode the day we made these.

After all your yarn pieces are placed and you are happy with how it looks, set it somewhere to dry for twenty four hours. When the yarn feels "hardish" peel off the saran wrap and you have some pretty awesome baskets.

See! Just a note, this was not my original idea. I am sure the credit for this goes to some Kindergarten teacher from many years ago. I saw many variations in perusing Pinterest and crafty blogs and thought it looked fun to try.

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