Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Biker Chick

My boys have never been super into riding their bikes. Evan learned to ride a two wheeler at seven years old and Spencer was eight. In their defense, we don't live on the best street to practice bike riding on, but we had offered to take them other places to practice - they just never really showed much interest.

Hailey would ride her bike around the circle at the top of our hill all day long if we let her. She just loves going around and around. She has never been super into dolls - but now she is - so Baby Lila sits in her "bike seat" and rides around with her. She is seriously the cutest.

This picture taken from a low angle and the tightness of the bike helmet makes her face look puffy and giant in this shot.

I predict she is riding on two wheels by the end of the summer.

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dr said...

Go Hailey, Go. She looks like she is doing great on the bike. And, I cannot believe this new Baby Lila obsession. Glad she is loving dolls. She and Mira will have fun riding bikes and playing dollies this summer when we get together.