Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break - Craft #1

I found a tutorial on Pinterest (I think) showing how to make these super cute rabbit puppets. I had most of the felt so I figured they looked simple, why not whip some up? The tutorial said they were also the perfect project to introduce a kid to sewing. I thought for sure that one of my boys would love to get his hands on a needle.

I always tend to think so wrong about things.

Neither boy had any interest in learning how to do a running stitch or any kind of stitch for that matter, so I was stuck (literally a few times) making a passel of bunnies on my own. They weren't hard - just more time consuming than I imagined they would be. As are most of the projects I get myself into.

Two of them hopped in an envelope and flew over the lake to be adopted by Mira and Lainey. Hailey insisted that she and Mira got the same color hot pink bunny and Lainey would get the light pink. I don't know how it played out over in Madison. Evan wanted the green one and Spencer didn't really want any, but he got the blue.

Aren't their little puff tails the cutest?


dr said...

Mira and Lainey love the Bunnies. It is yet TBD determined whose is whose... Mira has sort of dominated them both so far. Maybe they'll accompany us to the Easter hat parade tomorrow.

dr said...

By the way, they are SUPER cute and both girls love them. Thanks, Auntie Crafty!