Sunday, January 1, 2012

So long 2011!

We celebrated New Year's Eve the same way we have the past few years. We went to a bowling party with a couple of my cousins. The kids always have fun and the adults get to celebrate a bit without going to a huge bash.

This year when we finished bowling at nine o' clock we moved our crew into a "party" type room at the bowling alley. They had a pool table and some old school video game machines so the men and kids were totally entertained. After a while, my cousin put some money into the juke box and shuffled the kids to the dance floor. What happened after that has been filed away with my favorite New Year's Eve memories of all time. Watching my kids "bustin' a move" is a blast. If you can watch them without a perm-a-grin on your face, there is something seriously wrong with you.

Look at their sweaty red faces. Evan even had to shed clothes he was cutting a rug so much! I hope we have a family wedding coming up soon because these cousins need to dance!
We got home around eleven fifteen. Just enough time to go outside and let off some of our Indiana fireworks left over from the fourth of July.
My artsy candy cane shot.

Welcome 2012!

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