Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas in a few photos

The kids and Daddy all dressed up for Christmas Eve festivities.
The kids with Mommy on Christmas Eve. It may have been beneficial to get the tripod out.
The kids in their new Christmas Eve jammies getting ready to pick out cookies for Santa. They all loved these jammies and I loved the fact that they all matched. I don't know how many more years (if any) I can get away with that.
Both boys wrote Santa a letter and Hailey drew him numerous pictures.
Christmas morning ready to come downstairs and see what Santa brought them.
Hailey could see her "dollhouse" from upstairs and was unbelievably excited.
Spencer and Evan got a gift from Santa to share wrapped half in Evan's wrapping and half in Spencer's wrapping.
Spencer got a lot of LEGOS and a lot of books -also some books about LEGOS.
Evan got an Air Swimmer shark. It is huge and looks and moves very lifelike. It freaked Hailey out at first.
Kitty Boy getting in on the unwrapping frenzy.
Hailey got a DVD of her favorite movie. This movie was on one night while we were having a slumber party in my room. It is sort of like a "Home Alone - Baby Edition". Very silly, but she loved it and would ask to watch it on other occasions and could not understand why I couldn't just pop it in the DVD player. Now I can. She watched it on Christmas morning.
Evan's new personalized playing cards - Ninja holding root beer!
Spencer finally got his new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. He dove right in on Christmas morn.
Evan models his new hat. Our Evan - he loves to be warm.
Christmas afternoon at my cousin's house. Our family photo on Santa's lap.
The gift hut Evan made to barricade his presents during Christmas with my mom.
Evan shows off his new walking stick from Grama Dune. It was one of his favorite gifts along with his sound machine. He thought they would both be good editions to "Mister Black".
Grama and the kiddos. Evan and Hailey painted her the birdhouse for her yard.
We have two more Christmases yet to come. I am sure many more memories will be made.

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