Sunday, January 29, 2012

Easy Bake Tiny Cake

I never had an Easy Bake oven when I was a little girl, but I always wanted one. When I saw some on clearance early this fall, I snatched one up to give to Hailey for Christmas. When she saw them advertised on TV and would tell me that is what she wanted Santa to bring her, I felt like mother of the year.

As is always the case with the "gadgets" we purchase - the Girl Gourmet cupcake maker that Spence begged for a few years ago, the Slurpee machine, the Big Top giant cupcake maker extravaganza - they always look way cooler on TV than they really are. Adults know that is going to happen, but for kids its a giant bummer.
When our cake finally came out from under the light bulb, Hailey and Evan both commented to me how small it was. Still we cut it up into three slices and enjoyed the fruits of our labor.
She hasn't asked to cook with it since that day. I am wondering if she would notice if I snuck it to the garage sale pile? I'm kidding. Kind of.

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