Saturday, November 12, 2011

Silly sayings

Hailey: I don't ever want to go to Disneyworld because there are three things there that don't show their real heads - Mickey Mouse, Dora and that Duck! (She has an intense fear of costumes where she can't see a human face)

Hailey: Brother stole my boyfriends! I have two boyfriends - DJ and I don't remember the name of the other one.


The night we were filling our baskets to "boo" neighbors and discussing who we were going to "boo".

Hailey: Let's boo the cousins.

Mom: Maybe the cousins, but it's better to boo little kids because they are more excited about the spider rings and Halloween erasers.

Evan: Unless we put a World War 2 book in it. Then they might like it.


Hailey: Are Lord and God friends?


Hailey: I wish you were my Grama so the other Grama could be my mom.

Mom: What other Grama?

Hailey: Bonnus!


While we were walking down a hill.

Hailey: My legs want to walk so fast.

Mom: That's gravity pulling you down.

Hailey: Doesn't gravity sound kind of like Uncle Richie's friend?

Mom: (laughing) Yes, gravity does sound kind of like Rafferty.


Hailey sad about the fact that she won't have Mrs. Marchese for a teacher again next year.

Mom: Whoever you get for a kindergarten teacher will be nice.

Evan: Yeah. There are some teachers who blow whistles and hit your desk with rulers, but not in our school. All of our teachers are nice.


Hailey calls commercials "channels".

Hailey: I saw that dollhouse on a channel before and I love it!

Hailey: We will play the game again when a channel comes on.


Hailey: Don't fall off that skateboard Mom. You might crack your head open.

Mom: Then you would have to call the doctor.

Hailey: I can't call the doctor!

Mom: Then you would have to call Daddy and tell him to call the doctor.

Hailey: I can't call Daddy! I can't call anyone! I can only text!

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jensenbo said...

Love all those cute comments from Hais. "Kids say the darnest things"... don't ya think? Love, Bonnus.