Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween in November

So it's already November. Almost halfway through November and I am just now getting pictures posted from Halloween. I don't know where the time in my day goes. We have so much going on these days - I feel like we are busier as a family than we have ever been and I have never felt so "in the weeds" on as many things as I do lately. It will all get done eventually, I know that, it just makes me nervous with the holidays coming up. I hate to feel overwhelmed and frenzied. I want to take time to live in the moment without rushing through the days to get everything accomplished.

So today I get one thing crossed off my list that is growing daily. Halloween pictures are now posted!

I loved my kids' costumes this year. We decided on them early and a lot of time was spent at thrift shops searching out the perfect pieces and touches for the costumes.

Spencer decided to be Billy the Exterminator from the show of the same name. If you don't know who Billy is, google him - you will be amazed at how much this costume resembles him. I love when Spencer gets creative with a costume. Ninjas and Star Wars guys are fine but how many Billy's are you going to see walking around? This costume was so fun to put together. It will go down in our family history as one of my all time favorites.

When the idea for the Billy costume was first mentioned, there was initially a big fight between Spencer and Evan about who got to be him. Evan eventually decided he would be Billy's brother and sidekick Ricky. I quickly tried to talk him out of that because I figured most people wouldn't even know who Billy was let alone his sidekick. It wasn't until I came across this coonskin cap while thrifting that I knew Evan would change his mind. So the hunt started for all things Davy Crockett/Hunter.

I loved how much he got into this costume. I think Dad may have to teach this boy how to hunt.

Hailey decided early on that she wanted to be a bad witch. We found a costume that she liked online but it was around thirty dollars. A couple days later on a trip to Valueland we found a witch dress and hat for two dollars. She and I were both totally sold. I thought her costume turned out really cute with the little touches we added to it - a real broom, the striped socks and the black "Wednesday" wig. Although I think she looks too cute to be bad.

Last but not least we can't forget this pair.

Trent and I went to a grown up Halloween party for the first time in years and had a hard time coming up with a couple costume. We eventually hauled out our old bowling shirts and went as Trashy Bowlers. The sad part is that I think some people at the party thought that was my real hair.
My feet hurt so bad after walking around all night in those heels.

Check out this hottie! I think he actually looks younger with that wig on! It may be time for him to check out the Grecian. Ha!

Happy Halloween! Hopefully I will have another post before Thanksgiving!

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jensenbo said...

Great, great costumes. Good job, Jenna!