Friday, April 23, 2010

"when the coast is clear...."

These photos were taken on a walk to the beach sometime last week. The only reason I feel the need to clarify that is because Hailey is still sportin' a pretty steak worthy black eye in these shots and now all that is left of her battle scar is a little bit of discoloration.

I know I have said it a hundred times before, but I LOVE where we live. I love that the lake is just steps away from our front door. I love that on a sunny day we can decide out of the blue to go hang out on the beach for a bit. I love that on windy days you can hear the waves roaring from right over the dune. I especially love spring and fall at the beach. The sky is a true blue and more often then not the lake is as smooth as glass and there is not a soul in sight. It always reminds me of Jimmy Buffets' "Coast is Clear" song.

I didn't realize until I was editing these photos that they were both wearing shirts with alligators on them. Very differently depicted alligators. There is not much description to go with any of the photos - they are just snapshots of a very entertaining couple of hours spent in one of our favorite places.

Photo note: I have been playing around a bit with some textures in PSE. The first photo of Hailey's feet and the black and white of the two of them have a texture added to them. I don't know how much it adds, just kind of fun to experiment with.


dr said...

You are so lucky to live so close to the beach. Great shots of the kiddos. It does look like so much fun. Mira would have a ball running around with her big cousins. I like the alligator sweaters, too.

jensenbo said...

What a ball at the beach!! Great photos!! Love our beaches. You should have seen the wind surfers today!!