Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hailey should have been born under the sign of Gemini because the girl goes from being a dainty little princess one minute to a heathen wrestling around and trying to out burp her brothers the next. Her latest injury is the result of the bone of her eye socket having an unfortunate meeting with one of her brother's kneecaps. Ouch!

We are just back from a spring vacation trip to Madison to visit with Da, Mark and Mirabel and to meet baby Elaina for the first time. I wish they lived closer because my arms are just aching to hold that sweet little five week old again and smell her tiny head. On the way home from Wisconsin, we stopped in Chicago to spend the night and see some of the sights around the big city. It was our first time in Chicago with all three of the kids and it went surprisingly well. I hope to blog a little more in depth about both parts of our vacation, but I am a bit overwhelmed at the thought of starting to narrow down the nearly four hundred pictures I took in that week.

Since we have been back, I have been continuing my quest for clutter free living. I started with the easy parts and am now to the part of the task where things start to get overwhelming at a frenzied pace. I have started on the laundry room, the office, the basement and the storage room and haven't been able to finish one completely yet. I need to just pick one room and get it completely done, but they all seem to overlap a bit in the sense that "stuff" needs to find its new assigned "home" which tends to be in one of those four areas. I posted a couple of the kid's toys on Craigslist yesterday which is a huge step for me. I am getting there - little by little. I can definitely see an improvement, now it is just the piles of the stuff I am getting rid of are getting huge. I need to have a garage sale or just pack it up for Good William to get it out of the house.

Next week is going to be a crazy one around here. Evan starts practice for both soccer and baseball. It is my week to help out in Evan's classroom. We have parent teacher conferences for both boys which I am hoping will help us finally come to a decision about what we are going to do about school for Evan next year. I am sure Trent will want to golf on Wednesday since the temperatures are supposed to be getting mild again. All of that is "extra" on top of the normal crazy that make up our week.

So there you have it, my scintillating catch up post. This last picture of Hailey reminded me of when we were at the zoo in Madison and she saw a little boy who must have had an injury to his eye because he had a black patch over it. She grabbed my arm and told me "Mommy! Look over there! That boy is a PIRATE!"

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jensenbo said...

Oh, poor Hailey with the black eye. You are a little tomboy, that's for sure!!