Thursday, April 22, 2010

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

I had a few photos that I took of some plants and flowers in our garden and I thought what better day to post them then on Earth Day?

To commemorate the day the boys wore their "planet friendly" shirts to school. This afternoon Evan and I are going to pot a basil plant that I purchased this morning at the Walmarts. I love basil, but I am so tired of buying it. For one thing it is so expensive for the little packets I buy and I only end up using a portion of it and the rest goes bad. The worst part about purchasing it though is that when I check out I usually go through the self checkouts and the basil will not scan at the self checkouts. I have to flag over a cashier to help me - and the cashiers are always super busy it seems so I wait and wait and wait. The cashiers have told me that the basil never scans - it would seem that maybe someone could work on a solution to fix that problem. Enough of my basil woes. Hopefully my basil plant will yield an extensive crop and I will never have check out issues again.

I am not sure how warm it is supposed to get today, but it would be nice to walk to the beach or park and hang out a little bit in the great outdoors.

And what is an Earth Day celebration without the enjoyment of some dirt sundaes? That will be another project for Evan and I this afternoon.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

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jensenbo said...

Beautiful flowers shots on this special Earth Day. I love the one with the bee!! My walk down to the lake was very windy and cool today, but lovely anyway.