Friday, March 12, 2010

This week

We started out the week with a crazy, busy Monday. I had helper duty in Evan's class in the morning. Then after school Hailey and Spencer each started their gymnastics classes. One right after the other. While Spencer was in class I had to take the other two kids to McDonald's to grab something to eat and then go back and pick up Spencer so he could eat in the car while we drove Evan to a different school for his art class. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to crawl into my jammies on Monday night after all three kids were finally in bed.

(Hailey showing off her tattoo to Ella. Try to look past the grain in these photos. The light in the gym is worse than atrocious. This is as good as it gets with an ISO of 1600.)

(I LOVE how she is looking over to see if I am watching her!)

The rest of the week was much more relaxed in terms of scheduled activities, but still pretty chaotic when you figure that I am one parent trying to meet the needs of three children. I have to admit that "play season" seems to go by much faster than it used to. I don't know if it is because I know what to expect or that the kids are getting older. I am sure it is some combination of both of those things.

We have been blessed for the last couple of weeks with above average temperatures that have sent my spring fever off the thermometer. One afternoon Hailey and I picked up Evan at the bus stop with lunch in a bag and we walked down to the beach to eat it "picnic" style. It is still amazing to me how much kids get a kick out of eating anything outside. I am considering eating all meals out doors if it will make them eat what is on their plates without complaint.

(Evan found a cool piece of beach glass. It looked like the handle to a mug or something. Please overlook the grain in these photos as well. One of the downfalls to not shooting in AUTO is when you forget to change your camera settings back to "normal" when the last place you were shooting is a dimly lit gymnasium and you can't see your digital monitor because the sun is too bright on the beach to check for "flashes" on the screen. Oops.)

I don't like to wish time away, but I am glad that this week is behind us. The end of the play season always seems to signal the coming of spring. It will be so nice to have Daddy home to help out with the kids. They have missed him so much the last couple of weeks. Tonight we will get to see if his time away has been worth it as we watch the production.

Two more days....two more days... two more days....


Brandi said...

My kids love to eat outside too. It is funny how they'll eat everything you give them when you're having a picnic... We are enjoying our spring weather as well. It has been so nice to get out. The beach pics are great! :)

jensenbo said...

What a fun read!! I love the pics of Hailey on the bars and the beach shots.