Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes (and tweeners)

This morning while I was getting Hailey dressed.

Mommy: This shirt is getting small for you. Let me check the tag to see what size it is. (Checks tag) It's a 2T. No wonder it is a bit small.

Hailey: What does "T" mean?

Mommy: It means "toddler". This shirt fits a two year old toddler and it is too small for you because you are a three year old toddler.

Hailey: I not toddler! I am Hailey!

Spencer came into the kitchen today while I was making dinner and said "Mom, can you help me on the computer for a second? I need to google something."

Seriously! Wasn't it yesterday that he was still wearing diapers and sitting in a high chair?


dr said...

I agree. Spencer is growing up way too fast. Love those kiddos!

jensenbo said...

So cute!!

Yes, they do grow up way too fast!!