Thursday, August 10, 2017

Perfect summer days

The last few days have been perfect summer days.  Temperatures in the high seventies, low humidity the kind of days you want to last forever.  

On Tuesday we decided to head to the beach for maybe the second time this summer.  Sad I know.  The water is so high this year that the beach near our neighborhood has hardly enough shore to set a towel down.   Driving to the beach seems like a pain so we have hardly gone this summer.  Also now that Evan is a teenager he is starting to exhibit the teenage "not wanting to do anything except sit around and play video games" which makes me super sad.   Then if he doesn't want to go Hailey doesn't want to go with just me.  Ugh.  Why can't they just stay little?

Anyway - with the threat of turning off the WiFi, we convinced Evan to come with us to just check it out.  I honestly didn't know if we could sit down or if the water would be warm enough to swim.  Luckily it was a perfect day.  The water was warm and just wavy enough that the floats were fun and you didn't have to worry about an undertow.

In typical teenage fashion - Evan had a blast once he was there.  It is just the getting them to do something that is tedious.

They stayed in the water floating and jumping waves for over two hours.

Evan even decided to make one of his famous sand castles.

Yesterday we decided to cross another item off the summer to do list and bike ride to Frosty Oasis.  Since there was ice cream involved the teenager didn't have any protests.  Hailey was actually the one complaining about her legs hurting.  I think she needs a bigger bike and that would solve the issue.  Evan biked like a champion on my old 26 year old Fuji Thrill.

On the way home we took some detours and went by the school to see the improvements being made to the playground.  We also rode by the house where I grew up.  It looks like it is abandoned and I don't know what it up with the horrible white primer.  It makes me sad to see it.

It was a perfect day to bike ride with a nice breeze and not super hot.

Two quintessential summer days!   I love days like these and it makes me so sad to see the school light at the end of the tunnel.  We are not ready for summer to end!

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