Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bueller? Anyone?

I'm still here!  This poor blog has taken a back seat for a lot of months.  

We  had an epic July!  We spent most of the first week out west in South Dakota and then headed back east through Wisconsin with a brief stop in Madison to visit with sister and family.  I haven't included any of those pictures in this monthly recap.  There are way too many - I would probably break the blog.  They deserve their own post anyway.  I am sure I'll get on it right away...crickets. 

The day after we got back from vacation Hailey and I headed downtown with Grama for the annual art fair. 

Hailey paid five dollars of her own money to paint her own art.

Trent bought his favorite golf partner a new set of lefty clubs.

While Trent, Evan and Hailey went to the golf course, Spencer and I used his new cookbook to try out a skillet chocolate chip cookie.  Delicious!

The next weekend Trent, Hailey and I checked out Bike Time for the first time ever.

It was kind of loud but a nice festive atmosphere.  Hailey spotted the face paint booth right away.

Poor Dickens didn't know what to think about that.

Hailey and Spencer got into the Bunch of Balloons we have been holding on to since Christmas.

This is the boat that Evan was supposed to sail back from Mackinac Island on.  Due to inclement weather it never happened.  He was pretty bummed.

I love this picture of Evan at the yacht club pool.  It just has a calming sense about it.

Evan and Hailey participated in the second session of summer tennis.  They both did a great job.

The high school coach mistakenly thought that Evan was headed to ninth grade and was disappointed that he had to wait another year for him to join the team.   That was a nice compliment for Evs.   They both seem to enjoy tennis (unless it's 90 degrees out) so I think I will sign them up for fall lessons at the tennis club.

After tennis we all cooled off at the yacht club pool.

Hailey bought a new Popsicle float.  Good for the water or to just sit on and eat popsicles.

I also gave in to her making slime.  She has never really asked before but now she is totally hooked.

Oh and this happened.  He completed the level one class of driver's training.  How is that even possible?

We spent his "real" birthday in Grand Haven.  He wanted to have lunch at Culvers.  Then we headed to Chinook Pier for some mini golf and then to the Pump House for dessert.

Being goofy with our baby boy at the Pump House!

On Friday Spencer invited some friends over to hang out then go to the escape room to celebrate his birthday.

It was quite a month!  I hate that it is August already - August just has an unspoken sense of counting down to it.  I guess we will try not to think about it and enjoy the summer adventures we have left.

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