Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday moments...the first day of Spring!

I am so excited it is the first day of Spring.  There is nothing I like better than the change of seasons.  I love them all for different reasons but I am READY for warmer weather and to be outside.  

Last weekend was Evan's DI regional tournament.  He purchased a monkey hat. 

On the way back in to the school to watch a DI challenge Hailey spotted a "dinglehopper" on the ground.   It was very apropos since Daddy was at his school directing The Little Mermaid. 

Evan's team placed 2nd.  Out of two teams - but we won't talk about that.   That gives them the chance to go to the State tournament.

Thursday night while Trent and I were attending the Rocket Scholars fundraiser, we snuck out to peek at Spencer in his Mary Poppins rehearsal.

Thursday night Hailey FINALLY got to set up her leprechaun trap.  She had been so excited for over a week.   She didn't catch the little bugger but he left some chocolate coins and some troll candy.

The kiddos all decked out in their green to wish Grampa a Happy Birthday!

Some leprechaun evidence.  I don't know why he always has to use the bathroom when he stops here.

One of the theme days for MIRM (March is reading month) was dress like your favorite book character.  Nothing will ever be as cool as her Amelia Bedelia get up from last year.  We found her Laura Ingalls Wilder dress from her wax museum so she wore that.  We have actually been making a lot of progress on reading through the Little House books so it totally worked out.

Friday was a half day so I took my favorite girl to see the new Beauty and the Beast.  It was really good.  We both loved it.

I feel like I haven't been taking many photos lately.  My ears are still plugged - almost three weeks now so maybe because I am not feeling a hundred percent.  The weather has also been super gloomy and I have found myself in kind of an end of winter funk.   But the sun is out today and it is the start of spring so let's hope things are looking up!

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