Thursday, March 9, 2017

Monday moments...almost human again

I started this post a week ago.  Before another round of the ickies was upon us.

Last Saturday it was nearly 50 degrees and sunny.  This past Saturday it was side ways snowing.  Something for everyone here in Michigan. 

We took advantage of the great weather last Saturday by having a lunch picnic on the beach.  It seemed a bit early for me, but Hailey begged to do it. 

Saturday evening Hailey was planning to spend the night at Grama's when the flu hit her like a truck.   The poor thing was so miserable.  She does not get sick very often so it is hard to see her like that.

By Sunday afternoon she was feeling a bit better and thought the fresh air might help her air her germs out.  She set up her art studio with the truck blocking her wind.

Oh and no big deal but Trent taught Spencer how to shave for the first time.  My BABY had to shave his moustache.  #pleasestopgrowingup

Spencer also got some good news when he found out he was cast in the civic theatre production of Mary Poppins this May.

Oh and the first correspondence from a college arrived in the mail for him.  Gulp.

Hailey always cracks me up when she wears this outfit.  She calls it her tiny businesswoman suit.

On Tuesday a friend called me and told me they were opening a new block of ticket sales for Hamilton in Chicago.  Since it was in the middle of dinner time/getting three kids where they need to be at the same time I didn't have a chance to look into it.  Fast forward to an hour later when I am texting back and forth with Trent.  Should I do it?   What side right or left?  Partially obstructed?  They won't let me buy an odd lot?  I am so nervous.  Should I do it? 

I went through with the purchase and we are all over the moon about it.  And if for some reason we can't go and have to resell the tickets I will be able to cover the cost of college for one of my children.  Win win.

Then Tuesday night round two of my ickies set in.  I am joking calling it the Hamilton curse because I was fine up until I bought the tickets.  My left ear started killing me right before I went to bed.  I don't think I slept more than an hour all of that night.  The next morning I got into the doctor and they cleaned out my ear with some squirt bottle contraption that hurt so bad I thought I would die.  The doctor thought I must have an infection so prescribed a z-pack. I spent most of the rest of Wednesday sitting in this chair under a blanket.

Occasionally I had a visitor to cheer me up.

So hear we are a week later and my ear is still plugged.  The right one also tends to plug a little but not nearly as bad.  The doctor's office told me that it can take up to three months for ears to clear out.  I seriously will have a nervous breakdown if that is the case. I get little glimmers of hearing hope every now and then and then they are dashed.  Ugh.  Pray for me.

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