Saturday, September 26, 2015

Spirit week

Last week was spirit week in celebration of homecoming.  Trying to remember the daily themes for two different schools and come up with wonder I was exhausted by the time Friday night rolled around. 

Monday:  The elementary theme was beach day.  I think the middle school was something about your favorite team.  Both boys wore Spartan gear but I never got a photo of them. 

Tuesday:  The middle school had Rodeo day.  Doesn't Spencer look so thrilled to be getting photographed first thing in the morning?  He never ended up wearing the hat to school either.  What a party pooper.

Hailey's school had Peace, Love and Tye Dye day.  We found the pants at Goodwill the same day we found her Halloween costume.  We knew this day was on the docket and could not resist.  They were a huge hit.

Wednesday was Island Day for the boys.  As you can tell, Evan really gets in to the spirit week festivities.

Hailey had CREW day plus crazy sock day plus crazy hair or hat day.  They tried to pack in a lot in one day.

I am so glad she is finally letting me do a little bit with her hair.  Still not her favorite thing, but she is so much better about it.

On Thursday the boys had 80's day.  This was my favorite.  Evan was the preppy boy with a pink shirt, blazer and vintage swatch watches and jelly bracelets.  I let Spencer borrow two of my prized possessions: my Guess jean jacket and Andre Agassi tshirt - straight out of the 80's.  Trent had that red leather tie from a costume party.  We tried to peg roll their jeans but the style of jeans now a days just didn't look the same.

Hailey's school had color day.  Each grade was supposed to wear the same color.  The third grade color was green.  I thought it was kind of a lame day.  Evan suggested that they should have lined them all up on the playground and taken a rainbow picture.  That didn't happen, but it would have bee really cool.

Friday was everybody wear blue and white day.  I didn't get pictures of the kids in the morning. Hailey wore her cheer uniform to school but thought it might be too chilly for the game.  So here are my little Sailors after the homecoming game.

It was a fun but very busy week.  Hopefully this one might be a bit less hectic.

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