Thursday, September 17, 2015

First week done. Lots of lunches to go.

We survived the first week of school.

We have not been getting up very early this summer so I was extremely nervous about how the mornings would go.  I have to say I was pretty impressed.  I think I have to consider though that this first week everything is still all new and they have lots of adrenaline.  The worst may be yet to come - or maybe not.  New school year - let us think positive thoughts. 

Big boy is an eighth grader this year.  How in the world is this his last year in middle school?  He doesn't tell me much.  His classes are good.  His teachers are good.  He mostly still wants to bring his lunch so he doesn't have to wait in line.  When I asked him the best part of eighth grade he said he didn't know yet.  

(They are at the bus stop shortly after seven in the morning.  It is hard to take back to school pictures when it isn't even light out.) 

His English teacher gave the parents an assignment the first day.  What the what?  In a million words or less we had to describe our child to her.  Here is what I came up with:

How to describe Spencer in a million words or less…hmm…it is a more challenging task than it seems because there is so much that makes him the kid I know.
Spencer is quiet and sometimes very shy.  Once you get to know him you will find that he is a bit more talkative and also very witty and funny.  Unless it is a day when he is going through some teenage angst – then you are lucky to get a nod of the head or a grunt now and then.
He is very smart but does not tend to go above and beyond what is expected of him.   He has never really had to work hard to learn or understand something new so sometimes I feel as though he doesn’t put in a lot of extra effort.
Spencer is not gifted in the art of organization.  His locker is always a mess.  His papers tend to be wadded up in his backpack.   This drives us crazy and is something we have been urging him to get better about for years.
In re-reading what I wrote I feel like I am kind of throwing my kid under the bus and portraying him in a negative light.    Maybe as a mom I see his weak areas as things still on my “to do” list but all that aside; Spencer is an amazing kid. 
He has always been a wonderful student.  He will not be a disturbance in class.  He will always have a shy smile on his face.  He will do all of his assignments and (hopefully) turn them in on time.  He will be courteous and friendly to the other students. 
I know he will enjoy English class this year and I hope you get a chance to really get to know him because I am merely scratching the surface of who he is in these three hundred and nineteen words. 

Evan starts his first year at the middle school.  This is the last year any of my kids will be in the same building together.  That fact alone would be enough to send my wailing in the fetal position so I try not to think about it much.   Evan thought his first week was pretty good.  He is finally learning how to get to all of his classes on time and only had a bit of trouble on the first day with which bus he was supposed to ride home.  Going from two buses at elementary to ten is a big leap.  When I told him after the first day that I was glad everything went well for him he told me it did but he spent most of the day being pretty scared.  Ugh.  It just takes you back to those days doesn't it?  

(Little sister was up at at 'em early so she could see her brothers off!)

The lighting was perfect by the time Hailey had to head for the bus so she was lucky enough to get the full on photo shoot.   She was very excited about her back to school outfit.  She picked out the headband and shoes on her own at the store.  

The night before as I was tucking her into bed I could tell she was a bit apprehensive.  When I asked her what she was thinking about tears started to roll down her cheeks.  She said she was nervous about school because she thought that third grade was going to be hard.  I told her that I remembered a little girl who was very scared about starting second grade because she thought that would be hard.  I asked her if second grade was hard and she said no.  I told her I know it seemed scary and new but third grade was going to be awesome.

The next morning she was ready to take it on.

She discovered my camera had a continuous shooting mode or as she calls it "model pictures" so now always wants me to take pictures of her like that.

It is always so hard to let these three giant pieces of my heart be away from me for the bulk of their day.  I pray they all have an amazing year and make great friends and show their teachers what fantastic little people they are.  

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