Thursday, April 16, 2015

Peas and ants

Evan and Hailey are like two peas in a pod lately.  When they are both home, they are most likely to be together - playing outside, Minecrafting, baking, playing games with their stuffed animals and imaginations, you name it - they do it. 
Today after Evan got home from DI practice they both decided to set up chairs outside and do their math homework. It was a beautiful almost seventy degree spring day so I don't blame them one bit.  They got their homework done in no time at all and I didn't even have to work with Hailey on it because Evan helped her.  Win Win.

When I was going through Hailey's backpack after school I found a paragraph where they had to make a convincing argument about whether a boy in a story they read was right or wrong in his squishing of ants. 

At first I didn't even think she wrote it because the penmenship was so neat and so many words were spelled correctly.  It was funny to me that she used the words "ants" five times in her paragraph and spelled it three different ways.  That girl.  Spelling is not her strong suit.  But appartently being an advocate for the not squishing of ants is.

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dr said...

Hailey, Ant Advocate. I love it! So sweet that E & H are such good buddies.