Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Pranksters

Hailey was so excited about April Fool's Day this year.  She kept telling me last night that she knew how to pull off the best prank and I have to say she did manage a pretty good one.  And she even did it all on her own. 

Sometime last night she poured three bowls of cereal with milk, plopped in a spoon and put them in the freezer overnight.  She was the first one up and downstairs (you will wonder how in a minute) with her prank all set out on the counter and ready to go. 

Unfortunately none of us really eat cereal in the morning so we were kind of on to her from the get go.  But still a stellar effort and an amazingly effective prank.

My parenthesis above have to do with this next tidbit. 

I woke up early this morning - four o'clock to be precise - by the sound of Evan's alarm clock going off.  I figured he set it wrong - he has been setting it to get up early in preparation for middle school next year - he's a planner.  I didn't even think it would wake him up and I would have to get up and shut it off, but he heard it and tended to it.  I started to fall back asleep but kept on hearing strange sounds like someone was up and about.  My thinking was made more valid by the fact that the cat who is usually curled up next to my body sleeping was alert and at the ready to protect me - his favorite person in the family.   I listened for a few more minutes and continued to hear sounds of movement and activity.   I figured that Evan's alarm woke him up and he discovered that he had an accident and was most likely changing pajamas and maybe trying to strip his bed. 

I hauled myself out of bed and made my way to his room where I saw his door was closed but there was light around it.  I knocked and opened the door.  There were Evan and Hailey sitting on his bed cutting up a cardboard shoe box.  I almost thought I was dreaming.  I asked them if they knew that it was four thirty in the morning and Evan replied "Happy April Fool's Day?".  I told them they had to go back to bed or they were going to be exhausted when it was time to get up.  I still don't know what they were doing.  Perhaps another prank that we will find out later?  Or maybe just the fact that they got me out of bed at four in the morning.  Crazy kids!

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dr said...

That is pretty impressive, Hailey. And, I am intrigued by Hailey and Evan's pre-dawn antics. Keep us posted!