Thursday, June 12, 2014


Summer vacation has officially started!  I am so excited to not have to pack lunches for the next three months!  Mother Nature must not have gotten the memo that the kids are out of school because their first day home started off with a lot of rain.  We did need the rain and my kids are thrilled to be stuck in the house watching TV or playing on the computer, but it didn't feel very summer like.
Later on the sun did come out and it got hot and humid.  I convinced Evan and Hailey that we should walk to the beach for exercise and to play in the sand.  They thought that sounded like a fun idea.

I told Evan to put shorts on but he insisted he would be fine in his jeans. 

We walked down the beach so the kids could collect treasures to adorn their castles.  I found a couple of pieces of small driftwood that I wanted to bring home.  I have a Pinterest idea for some kind of driftwood decoration  floating around in my head.  When I mentioned it to Evan he thought that a driftwood project was for sure something that should go on my "summer to do list". 

Because of all the rain and an east wind the water was only fifty or in the low fifties - the kids got braver and braver and soon asked me if they could swim.  Those two are Midwest born and raised for sure!  I told them we didn't have towels and they would have to walk home soaking wet but if they didn't care, go for it.  They went for it.

I think Evan may start a new trend with swim jeans.   They have pajama jeans.  Why not?

After swimming they completed their castle (working together - be still my momma heart) and we walked home waterlogged and sandy.  It will be a fun memory and a good way to start summer. 

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