Monday, May 5, 2014


I had to take my mom into the hospital very early this morning for an out patient procedure.  I left a note on the counter telling the kids that their lunch boxes and water bottles were in the fridge and to have a great day and I will see them all after school. 
I got home and found a return note that made my day.

I know it is probably hard to read.  The top little writing say Thank you Mom - love you - Spencer.

Then Hailey and Evan divided the paper in two parts for their notes.  Evan's said Thank you for the lunches.  I made a waffle. E

Hailey's says Me and Evan love you so much - I do not like candy any more - I do not have time.

I cracked up at Hailey's "I do not like candy any more" she is all worked up because she has to go to the dentist and get a filling done tomorrow after school.  Every time this happens she always swears off candy.  Obviously it doesn't stay out of her mouth for long.

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Dana Roffers said...

I absolutely love this. Such sweet kiddos.