Monday, October 14, 2013


My kids have never really cared a bit about their clothes.   In most cases, anything I set out for them, they will wear without a second thought.  They don't care about color, what is pictured on the front, if it's short sleeved or long sleeved.  They just don't care.  I am not complaining because the fact that they are not particular makes my life much easier.  I only hope they will always stay that way - can you imagine the money I will save if I don't have to buy the latest athletic shoes or popular brands?

Back to school shopping is a breeze.  I only have to determine what they have grown out of and replace that and maybe purchase a new shirt or dress to wear the first day.  Easy peasy.  When I think about the amount of money my mom used to spend on back to school shopping for my sister and me it makes me cringe.  I love you mom!    The boys have also been fortunate enough to have acquired some hand me downs from their older cousin.  I had to pack the box away for quite a few years before their micro bodies could fit into them, but we have started digging in.  It is really quite remarkable how boys clothes really don't change much in style at all.  

Anyway,  just before school started we were in Holland at Dutch Village with the little cousins.  There just happens to be a GAP outlet across the street and for some reason I can't resist a GAP outlet.  We stopped in there dragging all five kids with us.  The kids were understandably bored so I told them to look at the clothes and let me know if there was anything they liked. 

After trying on a shirt or two for me I walked back over to gather the kids and Evan told me he wanted to show me something.  He saw a jacket that he liked.  He said that something about it "just spoke to him".  Seriously, can you just die?  How cute is that kid?  I couldn't resist buying it for three reasons:  how cute he was asking for it, he kind of gets rooked as the wearer of all Spencer hand me downs and my kids NEVER ask for anything as far as clothes are concerned.  

Of course it was the only thing in the entire outlet store that wasn't fifty percent off and at thirty four dollars it was more than I like to spend on anything.  But I couldn't resist.  I bought it big so it would fit him for a few years (he better not lose it!!!) and  it was totally worth it to see that smile the first day he wore it.

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