Friday, July 2, 2010

Movin' on up!

The boys finished their sessions of swimming lessons today. They both did fabulous and made tremendous improvements over last year.

Spencer graduated to level six - the furthest he can go at Mr. Steve's pool. He is so comfortable in the water. He knows how to swim actual strokes and executes them extremely well. I am looking into getting him onto a swim team. I think he would totally have a ball swimming in races and things.

He still needs a bit of practice with his diving.

We are so proud of Evan because he advanced to the deep end. Level four Doovy!

I am having a really hard time lately being able to tell my boys apart when they are in the water. I don't know if they are growing up to look more alike or if they just look alike when they are wet.

Front float flutter kick.

Back float flutter kick.

Jumping into the pool. I remember during parent watch day after Evan's first session of lessons, he was too nervous to jump in on his own. I have a photo of Mr. Steve holding his hand while he jumped. He has grown to love the water as much as his big brother does.

To signify advancing to the deep end, the kids get to go down the slide. Evan was so excited and proud of himself.

We are so proud of both of our little swimmers!

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jensenbo said...

Good job, Boys!! It is so much fun to watch you swim in the water, especially the big lake!!